New Beginnings.

Just like many of you, I have a passion. I would hope that by reading the name of my blog and the subsequent tagline you have an idea of what that passion is, but if you seem to have missed that I’ll just step right out and say it. FOOD is my passion. Not just any food, though–real food. Unlike those food-like substances bombarding the shelves of grocery stores these days, I take pride in experiencing and preparing food in its natural, straight from the ground, untouched by chemicals form. I believe that local food is the best food, the fewer the ingredients the better, and a good fruit smoothie can make just about anything better. I never use any recipes other than my own, and if it’s not colorful, I don’t eat it.

 A few months ago, I came to the conclusion that in order to further my passion, it had to be shared. In hopes of doing so, I created an Instagram account (@nutritiously__delicious). Ever since then, I find myself spending countless hours in the kitchen experimenting with new foods, creating original recipes, and snapping more pictures than I care to admit. As I am headed off to college in the fall (to pursue a degree in dietetics, of course) and will unfortunately have limited kitchen access, I’ll use this blog as my food-fix. From wholesome food recipes to tips and motivation on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, I’m your girl. I’d love to make even the slightest difference in someone’s outlook on food and show you all just how fun eating a “rainbow” assortment of foods can be. Please ask any questions that you may have or simply comment with your thoughts or criticisms. Be happy, be healthy, be inspired. (: 


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